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Air Leak Sealing


Air leakage is not an issue that some insulation manufactures like to bring up.  The reason for this is that air leakage can dramatically affect the R-value of certain insulations.  The R-value measures a material’s thermal resistance ability but does not account for air leakage.  Products can have a stated R-value in an ideal environment, but when an air leakage is created that R-value can be radically reduced.  What this means for the consumer in reality is that the product manufactures labeled R-value may not be anywhere near accurate.  The American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers or (ASHRAE) did a fiberglass insulation study of the before and after installation comparison between the manufacturers stated R-value and what the consumer really receives. Even with perfectly installed fiberglass the actual effective R-value is substantially lower than what the manufacture stated. 


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