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Air Leakage - How much is it costing you?

Air sealing is one of the most important factors when insulating a structure. Gaps in the insulation allow for exterior air to pass right through the existing insulation and mix with indoor conditioned air. When using fiberglass insulation, there are going to be gaps that allow air to flow through even when the insulation appears to be installed correctly. Fiberglass insulation placed in a house not properly sealed can allow wind to blow through it, which can potentially lead to 100% loss of R-value = R- 0. It’s been said that a leaky house in 3 mile per hour wind will lose 50% of its heat hourly.

Preventing the Air Leaks There are several products out there used specifically as an air sealer. Some of these products include but are not limited to: • Caulk • Duct tape • Sealants • Latex Paint • Weather Stripping However, none of these products work both as a top of the line insulation and a high quality air sealer. There are only a few insulation materials that fit into that premium category. High Density (Closed Cell) Spray Foam Insulation Low Density (Open Cell) Spray Foam Insulation

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